This work is a process of deepening your connection to self and developing a capacity to embrace the fullness of your humanity and lived experience. Together we explore the relationship between your past and present conditioning, your habits of thoughts and actions, and how you can embody who you are and who you holistically want to become. This deep, evolving work is a process of creativity, play, and compassionate awareness of self.

Specific Areas of Focus

While Brooke creatively adapts the space and practices to best meet the needs of her clients…her most common areas of focus include:

• Play-based, pleasure-informed healing through arts and movement
• Attachment and developmental needs
• Female empowerment and self-care
• Interpersonal, relational support

• Mind, body + energy alignment
• Purpose-driven life coaching
• Anxiety and depression


Brooke is a student of life, dedicated to the exploration of self, others, and community. She is a guide, facilitator, entrepreneur and artist who uses her innate capacity to feel and connect with others as a means to support people to feel deeply seen, safe, and cared for. Her work draws from 15+ years of psychological, somatic and spiritual inquiry, and study.

As a guide she also incorporates creative expression, embodiment practices, and a variety of other modalities that support holistic individual and community healing. Brooke believes that healing is a process of celebration, unlearning and reclaiming radical self-love and intimacy with ourselves, with each other and with the world. She welcomes you on the journey of reclaiming your whole humanity.

Brooke has a gift for sensing where your process needs to go before you do. She is strong, intuitive and unafraid to follow you wherever you need to go. In just one session, I was able to find healing for one of my deepest wounds: Brooke helped me transform my crippling fear into an ally.

Brooke has a beautiful ability to create a safe space rooted in a holistic approach to self-love and personal growth. Her grounded presence has helped me open my heart in ways I didn’t think possible again. Her support has allowed me to better understand and work through my pain/issues with more compassion and curiosity. Ultimately, she has helped me to better understand and love myself in order to lead a life with greater purpose and balance. I am grateful for her heart, mind, and guidance.


Guiding & Coaching

In our coaching sessions we’ll explore obstacles and challenges in your way of deeper connection with yourself, loved ones and the larger world. We’ll also explore your strengths and what brings you joy and pleasure in your life. This is a process of attuning to the unique instrument that is you.

Daylong Inner Journey

Daylong inner journey’s give us the time and space to visit childhood wounds, explore the energy underneath them and changes looking to be met, completed and set free. When you embody and remember your deeper essence, this now flowing ‘vital’ life source unites parts of you that may have been forgotten or left in the shadows.


Workshops offer an opportunity for groups to develop knowledge and transferable life skills that empower us to better navigate the inner terrain of self so that we may then bring our gifts more fully to the world. While the workshops offered will continue to evolve to best meet community needs, much of the work that we do together in these settings will incorporate movement practices, mindfulness, and the arts.

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